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When people plan to furnish and decorate their new houses, they rarely think about the staircase design. They mistakenly believe it to be the last thing to be useful, but in fact, the stairs always attract a person’s attention, regardless of their function. This is why we believe that it is important to consider its design right from the start. Regardless of being indoors or outdoors, staircases and railings can transcend their functionality, blending perfectly with their surroundings and making a unique expression. However, making a perfect stainless-steel railing requires a special method that combines art and engineering. Contemporary stainless-steel railings are a perfect complement to the surprisingly wide range of architectural styles. Also, due to their long life and easy maintenance, they are a smart choice for busy facilities. A stainless-steel railing can be made with a variety of finishes and different types of mounts and in-fill panels, including wood or glass. At the same time, stair railings are a safety requirement when it comes to stairs, balconies and platforms; for this, stainless-steel railings are becoming an increasingly popular choice because of its many advantages over other types of railings.

Stainless-steel has been a very important discovery in human history. It is not as easily corroded, rusted or soiled as ordinary steel. That’s why many of our tools and equipment today are made of stainless-steel. Furthermore, it is resistant to corrosion and contamination, making it ideal for many applications at a relatively cheap price and low maintenance costs.


where can we find this stainless-steel

Stainless-Steel Is Everywhere And Is Used Every Day In Homes, Especially In Kitchens.

Now, where can we find this stainless-steel?

Stainless-steel is everywhere and is used every day in homes, especially in kitchens. In architecture, stainless-steel is used for both aesthetic and practical purposes. Because this steel has anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-fouling properties, the structures composed of stainless-steel can maintain their original appearance, and have a longer service life than ordinary steel. The stairs at home are no exception to this: More and more houses are being furnished with stainless-steel railings, which combine the beauty and durability of stainless-steel to provide security and visual appeal, while never disappointing the onlookers.

While choosing stainless-steel railings, one should consider the location and environment of its installment. It should be considered whether the railing system is indoors or outdoors because the installation environment is a critical factor for determining the best materials for a new railing system.

Grade 304 stainless-steel is the best choice for railing systems designed for indoor and outdoor use. Although Grade 304 stainless-steel is commonly used for indoor applications, it is also suitable for protected outdoor applications.

For outdoor installations or applications with extreme temperatures, precipitation or saltwater, Grade 316 stainless-steel is the best choice. For example, a railing system for a beachfront hotel can withstand harsh environments only with 316-Grade stainless-steel.

So, if you are thinking about the design of your dream house now, please consider incorporating stainless-steel into your future residence.

The list below features some of the main benefits offered by stainless-steel:

  1. Highly durable:

When it comes to armrests, durable materials must be used to provide safety and longevity. A stainless-steel railing is stronger than other materials such as wood because of its comparatively higher tensile strength. It also has anti-rust properties and can withstand various weathering conditions (such as hot sun and hail).


  1. Easy to maintain:

In addition to being one of the easiest to maintain materials, stainless-steel is also very aesthetically pleasing. The railing can be kept shiny by just wiping it with a clean cloth. If dust or dirt becomes a problem, it can be removed simply with with a damp cloth. Moreover, the metal does not bend, chip, break, or bend over time.


  1. Affordable

Because of its lower cost as compared to other materials, stainless-steel is actually very cost-effective. In the long run, one can actually save money with stainless-steel railings because they do not require grooming regularly; the railings retain their appearance even when exposed to heavy snow, rain or high temperatures. Thus, it is ideal for those seeking long-term cost-saving solutions.


4. Attractive appearance

The stainless-steel railing decoration has been found to be particularly popular in modern homes because of its sleek design and minimalist look. It can also be combined with other materials such as glass and wire without making the overall design too crowded. Many households are already using this metal and its beauty cannot be denied.


  1. Various designs:

The ultimate advantage of installing stainless-steel railings is that they can be chosen from a variety of designs based on interior and exterior trim. You can choose round or square railings that complement the theme of your house.

Although many materials may be considered when building a custom railing system, most architects find steel railings difficult to beat in terms of aesthetics, performance and value. Steel railing systems can be designed to look either stylish and modern or formal and traditional. Steel is very durable; thus, steel railing systems are of great value in terms of the long-term cost of ownership. It is the material of choice for architects seeking a unique railing system to make a significant design impact. In addition, it can also be used with other materials to create a truly unique feel. With stainless-steel railing systems, the design choices are almost limitless.

Whether you are seriously considering stainless-steel as the material of choice for railing applications or researching the best methods for lifelong maintenance, UNITY METAL can provide for all your requirements.