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Glass stair banister pole has modeling beautiful, steel glass stair line is perceptual, be full of fashionable breath, get young people to like quite.

Long life, safe, even if the whole tempered glass is broken will not fall down and hurt people.

In order to enlarge the space visually.

Can meet the decoration user different personalized needs, but also can let a person shine at the moment.

Natural simple sense can timely foil noble, atmospheric feeling, easy to match with floor color and bedroom style photograph.

Convenient installation, non-toxic and tasteless, suitable for family decoration.

Stainless steel escalator made of stainless steel material. Mainly divided into handrails, columns, bases, and other components usually referred to as stainless steel handrails.

Stainless steel escalators mainly use in construction projects. Families, companies, parks, squares, shopping malls, and other purposes, the appearance is very modern;

Good hand feeling, modern feeling, good cleaning, the most important is not rust, long service life. And other characteristics widely welcome.

In form, the railing can be divide into two types: internode type and continuous type.

The former composed of a column, a handrail, and a crosswind. The handrail supported on the column.

The latter has a continuous handrail consisting of a handrail, a railing post, and a base.

Common kinds have wooden baluster, stone baluster, stainless steel baluster, cast iron baluster, cast stone baluster, cement baluster, modular baluster.

Generally, the height of the low column is 0.2~0.3 meters. The middle column is 0.8~0.9 meters. And the high column is 1.1~1.3 meters.

The interment of the railing column is generally 0.5~2 meters.

Indoor stair handrail considers comfort when people hold, use wooden handrails commonly, dimension and human body dimension are concerned.

The handle of the plastic armrest is very good also, but durability is poorer, already did not use now.

The metal handrail has good durability and wear resistance, and can be processed into various shapes. It widely used in public buildings. Its a disadvantage that it feels bad when used in winter and people are generally unwilling to touch it.

So wooden handrail used more, use wears resistance better commonly hard miscellaneous wood made.

The glass balustrade, also known as the glass panel or glass armrest, is a large piece of transparent safety glass fixed to the base of the ground, on which stainless steel is added.

Bronze or wooden handrails.

From the effect of the facade, the transparent glass paneling through the length gives a transparent and concise effect.

Compared with the railing made of other materials, the decorative effect has a unique style.

Therefore, in the public building of the main staircase, hall horse corridor, patios and other parts of the platform used more.

Such as the theatre wing, department store stairs, bars, and other places.

There are hollow and solid types.

Hollow out by the pole, handrail composition, some with a horizontal or decorative.

Solid constituted by column board, armrest, also has local hollow-out.

Baluster still can make it sits stool or backrest type.

The design of the balustrade, should consider safe, applicable, beautiful, save space, and construction convenience.

The materials of railing construction are wood, stone, concrete, brick, tile, bamboo, metal, plexiglass, and plastic, etc.

The height of the railing depends mainly on the objects and places used, generally, 900 mm high;

The stair railing of kindergarten and primary school can built into the form of double handrails for adults and children respectively.

It may raised at high risk as appropriate.

When the width of stairs exceeds 1.4m, should set double side baluster handrail (set against the wall on one side), when more than 2.4m, must add a baluster handrail in the middle.

In residential buildings, the railings should not have too large gaps or climbing rails.


Functions of stair railings:

Balcony guardrail: prevent falling objects, protect personal safety and property safety;

Road guardrail: It is the function of isolation and differentiation, warning;

Shore barrier: it is to prevent from falling into the river when playing, to protect personal safety, property safety, and beauty;

Flower bed lawn guardrail (PVC guardrail): the function of protecting flowers and plants and decoration, beautiful and environmental protection;

Still have a few stair guardrail, bay window guardrail, air conditioning guardrail, see you are to need which kind.

Which is better for the escalator?

The stainless steel one seems too common

1, stair baluster: baluster serves as the protective installation of the stair, besides adornment function, more important is a safe function, and just be this, ignored by the owner most easily.

2. The surface quality of railing handrails shall comply with the following provisions: the surface of wooden handrails shall be smooth and straight. The corners shall be square, the grooves shall be consistent in depth and color, the wood grain ZD shall be close, the lines shall be clear and beautiful, the corners shall be smooth, the radians shall conform to the drawings, and the joints shall be smooth and tight.

To ensure the safety of the railing function, the construction should pay attention to the following aspects: the railing installation must be firm, not loose;

The height of the railing shall determine according to the different slope of the escalator. Generally, the height of the railing shall be more than 900mm with the step facing up about 900mm.

Balustrade spacing should not be greater than 130, to prevent children from getting through the balustrade fall.

Precautions: The railing should set to avoid children climbing over it.

Of stair each ladder paragraph, the height of its step, width dimension should be the same, the dimension should not have an irregular change, to ensure gradient and weight footstep relation is constant.

Stainless steel escalator – Stainless steel escalator installation method

1. Installation of stainless steel escalator baluster pole shall carry out in the order of starting from the beginning and construction ink line.

2. The vertical rod at both ends of the platform at the starting place of the stainless steel escalator shall install first, and the installation shall bolt.

3, stainless steel escalator welding construction, the welding rod should be the same as the base material, installation of the pole and embedded spot welding temporary fixed, after elevation, vertical correction, welding firm.

4. When bolted, the holes on the metal plate at the bottom of the vertical rod should process into circular holes in the waist, in case the positions of expansion bolts do not match. Minor adjustments can be made during installation.

During construction, in the installation of stainless steel escalator pole base. After drilling into the expansion bolt with an electric drill. Connect the pole and slightly fix it, when there is an error in installation elevation. Adjust with metal thin gasket, fix the nut after vertical and elevation correction.

5. After installing the vertical rod at both ends of the stainless steel escalator. The drawing shall install the other vertical rod in the same way.

6, stainless steel escalator pole installation must be firm, not loose.

7, stainless steel escalator pole welding and bolt connection parts, after installation, should be anticorrosive treatment.

8. Do not install stainless steel escalator, generally adopt welding installation (except special size).

9, stainless steel escalator installation sequence should start from the elbow, then straight handrail.

10. The stainless steel escalator interface shall cut correctly according to the requirements and shall be smooth with a metal file to avoid inaccurate cutting, which will cause handrail bending and installation difficulties.

11. When installing the stainless steel escalator, fix the starting elbow with the railing pole by spot welding, and weld it firmly after the inspection is correct.


What is the wall thickness specification for stainless steel railing?

There are two cases:

In industrial buildings: when the height is less than 2m from the base level, the height of the protective railing should not be less than 900mm;

The height of the railing should not be lower than 1050mm.

Not less than 20m, railing height not less than 1200mm.

In civil buildings, the height of the railings shall not be lower than 1.05m, and the height of the railings shall not be lower than 1.10m when the altitude is less than 24m.

Does the embedded iron under the stainless steel railing have to be stainless steel?

The material maybe stainless steel or not.

The main consideration is the strength of the embedded parts.

As long as the strength can be achieved, the design life can be achieved.

Of course, the strength of stainless steel can achieve those even better.

Stainless steel glass pulls rod glass is quartz sand, soda ash, feldspar, and limestone as the main raw materials, by melting, forming, cooling, and curing of non-crystalline inorganic materials. Glass is widely used in decorative areas, such as curtain wall, glass railing, stainless steel glass railing.

It has transparency which is difficult for common materials to have and has excellent mechanical properties and thermal properties. With the development of modern architecture, glass materials are developing towards multi-function.

Many people still have doubts about the safety of stainless steel railings. Glass as a decorative material, involves a fixed problem, many people think the glass is fragile, not easy to fix, in fact, some glass strength hardness comparable to metal, for example, bulletproof glass, of course, we are not talking about the strength of glass today. Instead, the problem of glass fixation on the following glass railings is discussed.

Usually stainless steel glass balustrades to secure the glass to use stainless steel glass pendant, also known as glass clip or glass claw pieces. Stainless steel glass pendant connecting stainless steel glass railing standpipe and glass, the bearing is very important, the thicker the thickness of the glass pendant, the better the bearing effect. There are also through glass glue to fix, sealing is better.

Glass balustrades, glass is no longer just lighting materials and is a modern construction of structural materials and decorative materials. The deep processing products of glass have many functions such as controlling light, adjusting temperature, preventing dryness, and improving architectural art decoration.

304 stainless steel may be the best choice for interior and exterior railing systems designed for use – especially if your application is away from large amounts of salt water and not exposed to extreme conditions. Although 304 stainless steel is usually used for indoor applications, it is also suitable for protected outdoor applications. If your customers want easy and trou-free curbs, 304 stainless steel offers a wide variety of finishes with little or no regular maintenance.

For outdoor applications or in the presence of extreme temperatures, heavy rainfall, or coastal areas, 316 stainless steel is usually the best choice. For example, a railing system for a beachfront hotel requires only 316 stainless steel to withstand harsh conditions.

Choosing a cheaper material or finish can save money upfront, but costs can be high long after the installation is complete. In addition to installation costs, consider future maintenance, cleaning, painting, and maintenance costs when choosing which materials are best suited for your application. You may find that upgrading to better materials reduces the total cost of ownership.

To make an informed decision on which material to choose for handrails and structures when ordering a glass guardrail, it is important to understand the advantages of the type of material used.

The quality of maintainability

The price


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