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Want to know how to install stainless handrails for easy installation? Look no further! We break down this process into four simple steps:

  • Measurement and marking
  • Installation pillar
  • Install the glass clamp

The installation method will be different. It depends on the material you choose for the underlying surface, such as metal, wood, brick, or concrete.

Some tips before we start:

Having a spare pair of hands can be very helpful! There will be some points during the installation process, in these points, it will be helpful for someone to fix the material in place or pass the tool to you.

Check carefully, or even check your measurements and parts three times. There is nothing worse than getting stuck in an installation and discovering that something does not fit or cannot be arranged, and you will have to reorder something.

Whenever lifting heavy objects (such as glass panels), make sure you take the correct posture. This means that the back is straight and the knees are bent.

How to install glass railings for easy installation

  • Step 1: Measure and mark

When installing glass railings to ease installation, the key is the first step. It’s all about measurement. You will mark exactly where each pillar needs to be fixed on the floor so that the glass panels fit them. You can use a ruler or level to ensure that all postmarks are perfectly aligned. If you don’t want to mark your floor in any way, just put down some tape and write on it.

  • Step 2: Install the railing post

Take one column at a time, drill the pilot hole of the required depth and the correct fixing device to install the column in place.

For the bottom surface of the wood, you need to drill a 6 mm pilot hole in the wood for each screw, with a depth of 80 mm. We always encourage customers to use stainless steel screws because they will not deteriorate and rust when exposed to water. If you install the railing outdoors, it may be on a balcony or deck, please keep this in mind. In the long run, the use of stainless steel screws will reduce maintenance.

You also need to drill a pilot hole on the metal surface, but this time the depth is 50 mm. Try again with stainless steel bolts and then use stainless steel lock washers to hold it in place. Brick and concrete surfaces require pilot holes 80-100 mm deep and 10 mm wide. We recommend using stainless handrails anchors for this flooring type.

Try not to tighten all fixing devices immediately. We recommend first using a spirit level to check whether each post is level with other posts. Just place it along the top of the column in a space where the glass will soon be static. Once you are satisfied with the change, you can tighten the fastener with a wrench or socket.

Glass clamps are used to fix the glass on the railing post and ensure even weight distribution. For safety reasons, the glass railing is made of tempered glass. This type of glass cannot be drilled once it is heated during the production process, so it needs to be fixed in place with glass clamps. We recommend using 4 clamps per square meter of glass for glass and stainless steel, located at the top and bottom of the column. Use a spirit level to ensure that all glass clamps are completely level with each other. Always make sure that you have the right size glass clamp for the thickness of the glass.

  • Step 4: Install the glass panel

With the glass clamps in place, you can now carefully slide the glass between the clamps. Most glass clamps can be slightly adjusted with screws so that the rubber fits against the glass. Only incremental adjustments can be made to avoid over-pressurization of the glass. If your glass panel is designed to leave a gap with the floor, you may need to place some support blocks between the pillars so that the glass rests on it when you tighten the panel. Just make sure that the support heights are equal.

Stainless glass railing-accessory information

Framed glass railings are composed of stainless posts, handrails, and tempered glass panels, and in most cases provide “ready to use”.

The stainless posts are provided with prefabricated welded base plates, loose cover plates, and glass clamps, which need to be fixed to the mounting surface as shown below:

Then, the column can be combined with various handrail brackets that are bolted to the handrail. The handrail bracket is glued to the railing column with a structural adhesive. In most cases, the handrail will be pre-drilled to save on-site time.

We can provide many different types of armrest brackets and elbows to support the armrests to meet your design concept.

The complete glass railing system can be designed according to your requirements and provided ready to use. In most cases, there is no need for on-site drilling or cutting.

Then the glass clamp is simply bolted to the pre-drilled hole on the column, and the glass panel can be fixed in place:

Wire railing

The steel wire railing installation method is the same as the glass railing. Except for that glass clamps and glass panels are not installed, we will provide “off the shelf” wire rope kits. Please note that wire railings are not suitable for all locations (including homes that prevent the risk of falling)

Framed glass or wire railing-we need: All we need is precise dimensions and provide railings to meet these precise requirements. The glass is customized to fit the railing, so that all glass panels have the same size, so on provide the best visual effect.

If you choose a wire railing, the same principle applies, but the wire needs to be trimmed on-site, and wire cutters can be provided if needed.

Grade/surface treatment

Grade 304 stainless handrails is high-quality stainless steel suitable for indoor and certain outdoor applications. Grade 304 stainless handrails has a higher nickel content and higher corrosion resistance-grade 316 is recommended for harsher outdoor environments.

We can also provide mirror polished products. It is recommended to use 316-grade mirror polish in coastal/swimming pool locations.

Stainless handrails brings benefits to many different industries and is a time-tested material used in bicycle production, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, etc. So, it has become the first choice for residential and commercial property stainless handrails renovation and projects. From the external deck to the knee wall, from the balcony stainless handrails to the internal handrail, please get our professional advice to understand why the stainless handrails system is the perfect choice for your home renovation. The stainless handrails exudes a sense of strength and sophistication suitable for any style.

Stainless steel handrail = safety

An important consideration is a safety because it provides the ultimate armrest support when it comes to armrests. This is one of the reasons why stainless handrails is an excellent choice for various public buildings. This material has a high tensile strength, which means it can withstand tremendous pressure before it decomposes, which is very different from glass. When used in outdoor railings, stainless steel is anti-rust and can withstand the influence of different climates and weather. Also, stainless handrails, stainless posts, and steel wires can withstand the test of time. Unlike wooden handrails and other materials, stainless handrails is a stronger alternative because it will not warp or bend.

Stainless steel stair railing renovation = easy

Stainless handrails are not only very strong and durable but also easy to install. Although the stainless steel column usually supports the rail, it can also be fixed to a bracket or mounted on a wall. Stainless steel also brings a sense of class and is very easy to maintain. In other words, stainless steel is easy to clean and polish with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. As an added value, it does not need to be organized regularly. In fact, simple cleaning can restore the luster of the stainless steel powder coating, giving it added value and attractiveness.

Steel handrail = style

To some people’s surprise, stainless handrails are cost-effective. Thus, it is easy to understand why business owners like the cheap and pleasant appearance of this material. More importantly, it caters to the latest trends in contemporary design and decoration. Whether used in outdoor arenas, indoor galleries, or at home, the stylish stainless steel handrails are perfectly matched with the aluminum, cable, or glass railings on the open stairs, forming a cutting-edge minimalist style. Besides, family or business owners can choose between stainless steel round or square handrails according to their unique vision or taste.

What lasting impression does your front entrance leave you?

It’s time to pay more attention to the stairs. Stairs are usually the feature of the entrance; the first place to welcome and greet in the home. The entrance passage has the opportunity to set the feel and tone for the rest of the home.

There are many spaces in the home that need our attention-kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. Although they are all important, we believe that the time invested in design-style stairs and railings will bring huge rewards. Stairs can connect all aspects of your home together. Stairs and railings are not only the main focus of the entrance but they can usually be seen from many areas of the home, giving them a huge stylistic influence. The stairs set the tone and style from the beginning, allowing everything else to flow from the place of inspiration.

Here are our 5 favorite entrances:

We may be a bit biased, but here is our favorite series of stairs, which are carefully hand-made and designed by our team. You will find that each staircase sets a style for the family.

By peeking through the front doors of these houses, you can really understand what is going on in the space beyond the front doors.

This white oak single stringer needs your attention upon arrival! The combination of warm wood tones, glass,3 and stainless steel handrails creates an amazing sense of modernity and openness.

Is your front entrance staircase impressive?

Stainless steel handrails make your stairs stand out.

It’s time to pay more attention to the stairs

We all know that the entrance to the home has the opportunity to set the style and tone for the rest of the home. Stairs are usually the feature of the entrance; the first place to welcome and greet in the home. This leads to an incredible opportunity for the stairs to influence the style! It’s time to give more attention to the design of stairs and railings.

From the new house to the decoration, the stairs are in such a central location, and they have a great influence on style. In many homes, we need to pay attention to the space-kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc., but we believe that designing staircase-style railings is extremely important.

Stairs can connect all aspects of your home together. Stairs and railings are not only the main focus of the entrance but they can usually be seen from many areas of the home, giving them a huge stylistic influence.

The stairs set the tone and style from the beginning, allowing everything else to flow from the place of inspiration.

When choosing a horizontal railing for your stairs, remember the following 3 things.

1. The cable railing needs maintenance. Just like piano strings need to be tuned, the cable tracks need to be tightened over time. The horizontal bar does not require this type of maintenance.

2. Horizontal railings have unique design considerations, so extra time is needed to solve these details in the design stage. For example, more pillars are needed to break down the long horizontal span and place two different railing sections.

3. Horizontal solid steel bars can be installed on curved railings, but not on cable railings. Curved horizontal bars can create stunning custom modern railings.

When and where to use glass deck railings

Have you considered using glass on your deck to improve your vision?

Yes, you can create the ultimate outdoor experience by adding glass to the deck. Or to the deck railing, more specifically.

Glass railings are an excellent alternative to wood. They provide you with the deck railing protection you need without heavy wooden railings blocking your view. But like any type of building material, glass also has its advantages and disadvantages.

Check out this article to learn all about when and where to use glass deck railings.

Where to use glass deck railing

We usually think of glass as the material for doors and windows. But it can be a great substitute for wood on your deck. Before deciding on railing options for your deck, let’s first look at the benefits of using glass. Here are some situations where glass deck railings are very suitable.

You have seen it.

Excellent view is the primary reason for choosing glass railings. When you live in a beautiful environment, you want to make the most of the scenery from all angles. Wooden deck railings may get in the way. Due to obvious safety issues, a deck without railing is not a good idea either. But with glass railings, you can make the most of your vision and stay safe. Almost all glass railing options are tempered glass, which is stronger than ordinary glass. Because of this, you don’t need to worry about daily bumps that will cause the glass to break.

You want some privacy.

This doesn’t seem obvious. After all, glass is transparent. But in fact, you can use frosted glass panels to separate your home from neighbors.

Frosted glass panels have varying degrees of opacity, from mildly cloudy to completely opaque. If your deck is close to your neighbor’s yard, consider using an opaque glass panel. This provides you with privacy without the need for heavy wooden privacy fences.

You live in a cold climate.

The glass responds well to temperature fluctuations. This means that your glass deck railing will stay in good condition in cold climates. When you use a solid glass panel around the deck, it traps the heat in the deck and prevents breeze from entering.

If you are in a colder area and want to add some warmth to the outdoor space, consider adding taller glass panels. They will not block your view of the deck and will keep the area warm. You don’t want to mess up the deck stains.

This is a big deal for those who do not want to maintain the wooden deck. Glass does not require regular maintenance like wood. Deck stains are messy, time-consuming and hard work. If you choose glass deck railings, you won’t have almost so many areas to dye.

You are worried about the wood cracking. If you are in a dry climate with a large temperature difference between day and night, glass may be a better choice than wood. When the weather changes, the wood tends to crack. High humidity or extremely dry weather can cause it to warp. Glass does not have these problems.

Where no glass deck railings are used

Just like any other type of railing, glass has its disadvantages. In some cases, you do not want to install glass deck railings.

You are in a high-traffic area. This is consistent with keeping the glass clean. Smudges and marks will inevitably appear on any glass. Therefore, you must keep the deck railings clean. Fortunately, cleaning the glass railing is not as bad as staining the deck. You can clean them like windows. Use a cloth and glass cleaner to wipe off the stains.

If you have pets, they will leave marks on your glass, so you must clean it more frequently. Children will do the same. But glass is also easier to clean than wood. This is helpful if you are the parent of a young child. Markers, crayons, and chalk are easy to wipe off the glass, but they can stain the wood. In addition, toughened glass is not easily broken, but it is not indestructible. It will chip and scratch. To avoid scratches, furniture and potted plants should be kept away from glass.

You live in a hot climate. Although glass can hold well at high temperatures, it also absorbs heat and blocks breeze. There are large and full glass panels on the deck to make it even hotter.

Use glass railings instead of full panels to avoid heat. This allows more breeze and greater airflow.

You want some privacy. Yes, we also mentioned this as professionals. But in this case, we are talking about railings facing the field of view. Transparent glass is very suitable to provide you with the best view of the surrounding environment. But it also allows others to see your deck. If you are in an urban area, this may be a problem.

In this case, please consider using opaque glass instead of clear glass. Although you cannot see through the opaque panels, they are lighter than bulky wooden deck railings. The opaque panel blocks the view of the deck from below.

You are making a budget.

Glass may be more expensive than wooden floors. If you want to remodel or build a deck according to your budget, glass is not the best choice. However, if you are ready to build the deck of your dreams and don’t mind spending a little more money, then glass is a good choice.

Consider using glass railings for your deck. The deck is a great place to leave good memories. But you want your deck to be a safe place for you and your family. This is where glass can help.

We hope we have let you know if glass railings are right for you. If you have a spectacular view, don’t hide it behind a wooden railing. Consider adding glass panels to your deck railing.

1. The difference between framed glass railings and frameless glass railings​​

2. Is the glass railing of the stairs safe?

3. 5 reasons to install a glass railing system

Renovating your home with glass railings is a wonderful way to add value, class and luxury to your property.

A wonderful addition to decks, balconies, porches and outdoor terraces-the glass railing system is also a great choice for indoor stairs!

Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that glass railings may not be the safest installation option. Yet, this is actually far from the truth. Although glass railings are elegant and delicate, they are never fragile!

In fact, they are actually the safest railing system materials because they are very durable, have low maintenance costs and do not require any maintenance!

Whether you want to upgrade your home with a beautiful indoor glass staircase, or a glass deck railing to increase the view-we are here to help you make the most informed decision.

What is the difference between framed and frameless glass railings?

Although there are many advantages to using glass railings, each type has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Being able to adapt to any style of home and/or external living space, let’s take a look at the difference between framed and frameless glass railing options:

Frame glass railing:

Framed glass railings are the most common choice for railing systems. Since the transparent glass panel is fixed in place by the frame, this option combines modern aesthetics and higher security. There are many choices of frames, from metal to maintenance-free aluminum.

These glass railing systems have a strong top railing and are an excellent choice for stairs because they provide guests with a safe and comfortable experience.

Although they may also be commonly used on wooden decks or fixed pool areas, the top railing function may block some of your scenic outdoor views.

If you want to enjoy the barrier-free view from the deck, the framed glass railing system may not be suitable for you.

Frameless glass railing:

For homeowners who want to take full advantage of their views, frameless glass railings are the first choice for luxury.

Since these glass deck railing systems have no borders, seamless integration is ideal for cottages, holiday homes and roof terraces.

Although many homeowners still choose the standard metal and wooden railing options, those looking for unique and stunning elements often prefer the frameless aesthetic.

In this case, frameless glass railings may not be the best choice for indoor stairs, because there is no safe place for guests to let go.

Is the glass railing safe? Most people are most concerned about whether the glass railing can withstand the weight of continuous use. However, glass railings are actually much safer than traditional railing systems!

Since the glass material used is actually toughened safety glass, the strength of these materials is about four times that of ordinary glass.

There is no risk of decay or deterioration (as wooden railings will eventually be), and glass substitutes are durable and require no maintenance.

5 reasons to install glass railings for your stairs:

1. Modern aesthetics:

Glass railings provide a stylish and modern look for any style of home. By illuminating the space with an open concept, the glass railing creates a fresh and airy atmosphere.

2. Property value:

In addition to the visual appeal, installing a glass railing system will actually increase the value of your property!

Since unique aesthetics are often considered luxurious in real estate, refurbished glass railings will actually pay off when you are ready to sell.

3. Easy to clean:

As the glass railing material is durable, the only thing that needs to be cleaned and maintained is dust and occasional fingerprints.

Since the glass and frame will not rot or deform, you can rest assured that your glass railing will support your stairs for many years to come!

4. Customization options:

With a variety of options, homeowners can not only choose the style that suits their house, but also choose the budget that suits their own!

Although metal frames are usually expensive, homeowners can also choose aluminum for a more cost-effective alternative.

5. Security:

Unlike wooden railings, there are no pillars or openings.

This makes glass railings an excellent choice for preventing children and small pets from slipping, climbing, or getting their heads stuck.

With seamless design and durable tempered glass, installing glass railings can provide your family with the safety and peace of mind you deserve.

With added value, safety and aesthetics-the glass railing system is an excellent renovation project for any style of home!

The biggest benefits of adding glass railings to your home. Are you buying new railings in the market? Why not choose one

Can be matched with all your other interiors and What is safe for your children and pets? The answer is not what you expected, because it is not a kind of wood, but glass. You may be afraid that tempered glass railings are not practical, but they not only look good-they will make you look like you have more space in your home, and they will let more light shine into any room they are in.

If this piques your interest, read on for all the benefits of placing glass railings in your home.

1. Their maintenance costs are low

When you buy wooden railings, you must repaint or dye them when they chip or start to fade. Use glass railings, you can almost stand them up and forget them. To the glass is also easier to clean. All you need is a little soap and water instead of using any harsh chemicals. When you have kids, it’s great because they tend to draw on everything or use sticky finger touch it. The only annoying thing you have to deal with is fingerprints, But if you are not too picky about it, then you can.