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A home with flat rooms, blank walls, and zero interior design does not feel like home. Neither it looks good, nor it makes you feel satisfied. Investing in home decor may look like it is costly,  however, put stocks in this: It will be the best choice you are going to make in your life. From dull and boring to eye-catching and beautiful, it will be all worth it. A stainless steel handrail system installation guide is here for you.


Why should you opt for a stainless steel handrail system?

Sophisticated and beautiful stainless steel railings and balustrades can be quickly installed and because of the material that’s been used to manufacture them, these handrails last forever. Just cut and tighten with glue or screws to create a clean, modern look, with professional results every time.


Stainless steel handrail

Stainless steel handrail image

Long-lasting durability:

Although these handrail systems look utterly fragile and sophisticated, they last forever like concrete because of the use of pure stainless steel. When it comes to handrails, sturdy materials must be used to provide safety and service life. Stainless steel railings have high tensile strength, so they are stronger than other materials, such as wood. It also has anti-rust properties and can withstand various weathering conditions such as hot sun and hail. Plus, it does not shatter break or bend over time.

Looks exquisite:

In addition to being one of the most accessible materials to maintain, stainless steel is also aesthetically pleasing. Wipe with a clean cloth to keep the railing shiny. If dirt, dust, or dirt becomes a problem, remove it with a wet cloth. We found this balustrade particularly popular in modern and contemporary homes because of its sleek and minimalist appearance. It can also be used in combination with other materials, such as glass and wire, without making the overall design too busy. Many homes already use this metal, and you can’t deny its aesthetic appeal.

Light on the wallet:

As cost compared to other materials like wood, glass, and iron, stainless steel is very cost-effective. In the long run, you can save money because the railings don’t need to be fixed regularly – they can maintain their appearance even when exposed to snow, rain, or high temperatures. If you are looking for long term cost savings, then this metal is ideal for you.

And usually, use vitreous armrest railings glass is toughened glass, toughened glass is glass of a kind of prestressing force, can be achieved by physical and chemical methods to improve its strength, tempered glass bears offset above all when outside force surface layer stress, thus to some extent, improve the bearing capacity of the glass itself, to enhance resistance to wind pressure, the respect such as years, impact performance.

Easy to install:

Sophisticated and beautiful stainless steel railings and balustrades can be quickly installed,

and because of the material that’s been used to manufacture them, these handrails lasts forever. .Just cut and tighten with glue or screws to create a clean, modern look, with professional results every time.


metal handrail

metal handrail


How to install stainless steel handrail systems?

 When installing the handrails, it is fundamentally essential to get good reliable fixing for the handrail brackets so that it can provide you full security. The installation of hand railing is an easy process, but opting for a professional is the best choice.

The first step includes the installation of embedded parts that incorporates column connection polishing and column handrail. After the installation of integrated components, there is the use of expansion bolts and steel plates to make the rear connectors. After determining where the pillar would be fixed to the ground or on the stairs, a drill hole is made precisely. Then there is the installation of expansion bolts by keeping the length of the blots in mind. To prevent the loose-fitting the bolts between the nut and screw are welded at the same time.

The handrail is also connected with the wall surface in the same way. During the construction and installation of embedded parts, there can be some errors. Therefore, before the installation of the column, the wire should be re-laid to determine the accuracy of the buried plate position and the welding pole. If there is any deviation, it shall be corrected in time.

Stainless Steel Handrail System installation

It should be ensured that the stainless steel columns are all located on the steel plate and are welded on all sides. The installation of the welding column includes the co-operation of two people minimum to hold the pipe in the vertical position so that it may not shake during welding. Handrail and column connection column in the installation before, through the extension line, according to the stair tilt Angle and the roundness of the handrail, in its upper end of the processing of a groove. Then put the bar directly into the slot of the column, from one end to the other end spot welding installation, adjacent handrail installation docking accurate, seam tight.

After the adjoining steel pipe butt joint, the joint with stainless steel welding rod for welding. Before welding, oil, burr, and rust stains must be cleaned within 30 ~ 50mm on each side of the weld. After the completion of welding, it should be ensured that no welding marks are visible. If so then the use of a portable grinding wheeler and sanding paper would help

When polishing, the flannelette grinding wheel or felt shall be used for polishing, and similar polishing paste shall be used at the same time until it is consistent with the adjacent base material, and no welding seam is visible.


With the advancement of time, the durability of stainless steel has also advanced, as material science has made it more temperature resistant, whether it is high or low. Other than steel, the incorporation of shock and weather-resistant glass has also made life deliberately easy. As mentioned earlier, the use of stainless steel handrailing is extremely cost-effective and stays for long.