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Unity Metal’s stainless steel handrail system provides an attractive, modern finish. A home’s stainless steel staircase with a choice of a mirror or brushed finishes. The 40mm stainless steel 304 tube and fittings meet the British Standard BS8300:2001. Stainless Steel handrail fittings are supplied in eye-catching clam packs. With hanging slots, and printed color card inserts. And also product description, bar code, and illustrative installation guide. A modular dispenser with a header board is available for retail display.
We designed a series of stainless steel handrail components. To add an elegant and charming finishing touch to residential and indoor stairs. Our stainless steel handrail kits have brushed and polished finishes. To add a modern feel to the home interior.


Stainless steel 304 tube 40mm x 1.00mm X length(1.80 MTR,2.40 MTR and 3.60 MTR)

  • O/D 39.80 mm min to 40.20 mm max
  • I/D 37.60 mm min to 38.40 mm max
  • Cut length tolerances all at + 3mm – nil
  • Both ends of stainless steel 304 tube de-burred, washed, and dried.
  • Both ends of the stainless steel 304 tube must cut by machine completely ‘square’.

Stainless steel 304 tube – 40mm outer diameter

  • Each tube packed by sleeved with bar code label
  • Both side of the stainless steel 304 tube protected by the end caps
  • Pack quantity 2

Stainless steel 304 tube

We recommend that ‘go’ / ‘no go’ gauges be made for both o/d and i/d. As both are ctritical due to both external and internal fittings assembled.

Both mirror polished finish and ‘Dull Polished finish’ must be produced. The colour/finish match the stainless steel handrail fittings. It is die casting stainless steel and:

  • Mirror finish
  • Brushed and Nickel plated &lacquered (dull polished)

Other Notes:

  • 1.80mtr, 2.40mtr & 3.60mtr lengths are to be ‘capped’ on both ends with YELLOW plastic end caps as the sample provided. The plastic is of such quality that color does not ‘bleed’ onto the stainless steel 304 tube. See opposite for suggestions (as used before)
  • Each length of stainless steel 304 tube is to be clear sleeved (fit) – caps on top of sleeveless.
  • Orders are generally placed for 2 months at one time making up a small rolling of 6 tonnes.
  • The deliveries are then made to Unity Metal MONTHLY as ‘called off’. The supplier MUST adhere within +/- 10% of the specific ordered quantity.
  • Supplier must get packaging medium and specification before trading can begin.
  • No steel crate can weight above 2 tonnes (absolute max). It is preferable that separate lengths be contained in separate packing. Though this is not always practical or economic. If ‘mixed’ sizes are in a steel crate then a clear label must be affixed to the steel crate stating its contents.
  • If mass goods do not match nickel and chrome standard. Then goods will be rejected and producer with the required standard only.
  • Qty of each part number contained in steel crate/box
  • Any steel crates must be taken away by supplier when emptied by buyer.

Stainless steel 304 tube

Regarding the stainless steel 304 tube sample

A approved stainless steel 304 tube sample must be supplied before supply. This stainless steel 304 tube sample will be cut into 3 pieces. To be retained as a ‘master sample’ by 3 parties: MILL, UK supplier, and QA. These initial samples will be used for comparison for each delivery. UK stockholder must inspect goods before delivering to Unity Metal. Any queries/doubts about the finish must be agreed upon before delivery.
The stainless steel 304 tube is critical in its quality and appearance. It is a ‘decorative’ product. It should agreeable as well as meeting grade, finish and supply criteria.

Standard Size For Stainless Steel 304 Tube Cap:

  • Compatible Pipe Size.
  • 40mm Inside Diameter
  • No Vent Hole

Stainless steel 304 tube

Caps for stainless steel 304 tube Sizes are available as a low cost and high-quality option. They are made from yellow LDPE. And the internal ribs ensure a tight fit and release after the pressure build-up. Standard nominal pipe sizes are available and these caps come either with or without a vent hole.


  • Inside Diameter: 40mm
  • Vent Hole: No Vent Hole
  • Inside Height: 26.7mm.
  • Fittings Style: Push Fit
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Material: PE
  • Inside Height: 26.7mm.
  • Fill Material: Polyethylene