The Important Features Of Glass Railings.

The Important Features Of Glass Railings.


Glass Railings is an inorganic non-metallic material used widely in daily life and applied in the fields of architecture, art and manufacture of instruments, etc. It is also commonly used in the form of tempered glass, printed glass, optical glass, dimming glass and other types for high technical requirements. In this article we will introduce glass stair railing and emphasize on its advantages.


Is glass stair railing good?

In stainless-steel glass stair handrail installation, the construction technique is very important. Normally, the distance between parallel sections is not allowed to be more than 0.5 mm; for a  glass stair handrail with the same specifications, the diagonal error must not  be more than 1 mm. This requires that the craft level for stainless-steel glass stair handrail construction be very high, so that it can be ensured that the stainless-steel glass stair handrail appears beautiful and strong after installation. After the installation is complete, it is inspected by the quality inspection personnel before acceptance by the owner.


In stainless-steel glass stair handrail installation, it has been found that the quality of stainless-steel glass stair rails in terms of appearance and service life is more than that of the wrought iron stair handrail. The higher brightness of stainless-steel glass handrails also ensures an aesthetic appearance of stair handrail. The installation of stainless-steel glass railing with toughened glass are able to give the house a good visual effect along with the expansion of the whole space area more effectively. For the main window glass railings, the element chosen must be transparent, strong, beautiful, easy to clean, have a long service life and require simple care. The cleaning of wrought iron stair armrests may be very troublesome (because the convex and concave surfaces may allow the dirt to hide easily), but stainless-steel glass stair handrail does not require spending a long time for cleaning purposes. The cleaning only requires occasionally wiping the surface with a dishcloth.

the advantages of stainless-steel glass handrail
The Advantages Of Stainless-Steel Glass Handrail.

What are the advantages of stainless-steel glass handrail?

  1. Glass staircase railing bar has a beautiful presentation along with being rich in fashion and more popular among young people.
  2. It has a long life and is safer: even if the whole tempered glass is damaged, it does not fall down and hurt anyone.
  3. It can visually increase the space and brighten the atmosphere. It can also meet different personalized decoration needs of customers and let people shine at the moment. Moreover, it also adds a luster and thus, a better decorative effect that may attract the eyeballs of many decoration lovers.
  4. The natural texture can produce a feeling of nobility and make it easy to match with the atmosphere, floor color and bedroom style.
  5. Convenient installation, non-toxic, tasteless and suitable for household decoration.

Glass stair railings use toughened glass commonly. The strength of toughened glass is 8 times more than that of common glass; the bearing capacity is stronger also. The advantage of glass stair handrail is that it is lighter, has perceptual lines and durability and does not require any maintenance. Glass stair handrail is transparent and is more welcomed by avant-garde crowds.

The main structure of glass railings uses a steel plate of carbon structure for its bearing capacity. The other material chosen is toughened glass (because of its quality of being lighter) or laminated glass. Glass railings are novel, fashionable, beautiful, and have a strong feeling of modernity that gets young people to like it more.

Problems during installation of stainless-steel glass stair railings
Problems During Installation Of Stainless-Steel Glass Stair Railings.

What problems should be taken care of during installation of stainless-steel glass stair railings?

  1. The material must be able to bear the load of the toughened glass. Because of this, the design must strictly be in accordance with the specifications and operating requirements and the selection and designing of every part of glass railing and the related accessories must be done in advance.
  2. For a common glass handrail, no pole is set up; but, if it is an outdoor glass stair handrail and the traffic is dense, it is better to add a metal column in order to prevent the occurrence of any accident.
  3. Further precautions for the installation of glass stair handrail:
  • If the glass stair handrail is a multistory glass-type railing, the height design of the handrail should meet the requirements of the architectural design code and be controlled between 1.1-1.2m.
  • During the processing of glass stair handrail, the peripheral parts of the glass must be polished and chamfered, ensuring that the cutting part around the glass be smooth, so as to avoid or reduce the occurrence of self-explosion of glass. The base of glass stair armrest or the below column should use embedded bolts in order to improve the stability of glass stair handrailing.


Relevant concepts for railings:

Balustrades are safety features on bridges and buildings. In the Zhou dynasty, there were elements similar to railings on the sacrificial vessels. Han dynasty continued to use mullioned railings for various structures. In Yungang grottoes and Dunhuang frescoes, people can be seen looking for columns and staffs while standing on the edges of balustrades. The wood balustrades of Yuan and Qing dynasties are slenderer while the stone balustrades gradually replaced wooden balustrades and were comparatively thicker. After the end of the Qing dynasty, Western classical proportions, scales and decorative railings entered China. The material and decorations of the contemporary balustrades are more diversiform.


Glass glue:

Glass glue, a household adhesive, consists of sodium silicate, acetic acid and organic silicone. Sodium silicate is sticky and soluble in water.

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