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Cable Railing System

For homeowners with a taste for modern fashion, cable railings really do prove that less is more.

The cable fence is designed to provide the security and structure of a traditional fence system, but without blocking the view around your home.

Update an old porch or patio with a modern accent, or finish a new project with a sleek finish.

Cable railings provide maintenance-free living and additional security for your outdoor living space.

The cable balustrade is made of aluminum columns and stainless steel cables and can be used for life without painting or water proofing.

As all materials were prefabricated for each individual deck, installation was quick and easy.

Rail engineering positioning and installation of column and guide components.

Tighten the entire handrail system, then simply slide the stainless steel cable through the pre-holes in the posts and individual pickets.

Perfect your railing system by installing the accompanying hardware and tightening the cables.

You only need a moment to reach a complete modern outdoor living space.

Use horizontal or vertical cables instead of safety railings for spindles, glass, mesh, etc.

This type of railing is most commonly used when a unobstructed view is needed.

Cable railings can be mounted on metal or wood posts, depending on customer preference.

A horizontal or vertical cable solution is a good way to achieve a modern look while still maintaining the functionality of the traditional railing.

Cables also require less maintenance and upkeep than traditional railing systems.

Classic cable railing. Can install stair, balcony.

Quick installation. The cable only needs to be tightened with a tensioner.

Transport volume is small, compared to glass, cable can be wound in a circle.

The wire is small enough to see clearly.

Low cost, cable railings cost less than all stainless steel railings and glass railings types.


Standard Height:

For indoor stair, railing height should not be lower than 900mm from center line of step to the top of handrail. For a horizontal railing length over than 500mm, the height should not be less than 1000mm. if the width of the stairwell is over 200mm, lattice railings which can be easily climbed by children rail should not be chosen, and space between vertical posts should not be bigger than 110mm.

For outdoor stair, the railing height should not be lower than 1050mm.

For housings of middle or height, the railing height should not be lower than 1100mm.

Commonly Component Specifications:

Handrail: 50.8×1.5mm, 42.4x1mm, 38.1×1.5mm

Column: 50.8×1.5mm, 42.4×1.5mm, 38.11.5mm

Glass: 12mm, 10mm, 6+1.53pvb+6mm.

All the components specifications can be customized according to your requirements.

Additional Notes:


Install the connective part of the guard rail in the building ground without using the wooden back, the wood screw or fixed to the wooden floor by wood screw. According to the principle of three points to be a plane. The expanding screw of the fixed connective part cannot in the identical straight line. And keep spacing big so as to strengthen the stability of the connective part. If electric welding connection. The inside and outside must be welded. The banister and connective part combine in deep-set and without any space, the connective length can be longer, if it does not affect the appearance quality. The top handrail of banister close to the wall should be fixed to the wall.


Wipe the dust and dirt on the rail regularly, check the firmness of fastening screw, etc.


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