Installation Advice For Tubular Handrail

Glass Balustrade Installation With Handrail Bracket For this stainless steel balustrade installation you might need a few toll as follows: tape measure, screws, Screwing tool, drill. We recommend 1-meter stainless steel handrail will be used 2 handrail bracket to connect the railing tube and the tempered glass. Frameless Glass Handrail Installation First of all, put […]

Installation Advice when using stainless steel slotted railing

MOUNTING PROFILE BASE SHOE – ALUMINUM Drill diameter 14mm holes in the edge of the floor with an electric drill, the next step is install the aluminum base shoe with the stainless steel cap M8 set screws. The total height of aluminum base shoe is 140mm, the width is 51mm. Inner height and width is […]